Operate Professionally

Advanced Reporting and Insights

With Kareo Analytics you can see the big picture- then drill down to the finite details of your entire practice

Complete Patient & Document Management

Kareo comprehensive Document Management system allows you to attach old and new records to patient accounts, putting critical information in an organized and accessible system.

Accurate Charge Capture and Management

Easily review charges to ensure every appointment is billed.

Smarter Insurance Billing & Patient Collections

 Our integrated approach gets our providers paid more and faster with advanced claim processing and tracking tools and features that improve accounts receivable visibility.


Secure Messaging System

Built-in secure Messaging lets you communicate with us and other practice staff in an easy and HIPAA-compliant manner. When using the Patient Portal, you can even message your patients!

Powerful Scheduler & Appointment Reminders

Kareo’s front office tool lets users customize their schedule, manage patient alerts, and send appointment reminders.

Focus on Giving Quality Care

Web-based medical billing and processing services from MediBill gets you paid faster and improves your productivity by streamlining your entire medical billing and collections process.  Our cloud-based billing service takes care of everything needed to get you paid so you can focus on providing the kind of highest-quality care you can, which is why got into healthcare in the first place!

The top-level clearinghouse, Trizetto, is integrated into our system, resulting in faster claims processing and improved cash-flow.  All you have to do is fax or upload your patients’ intakes and daily or weekly charge-slips and we do the rest!

MediBill’s In-Depth Services Include:

  • Enter Patient Information and Demographics 
  • Verify Eligibility
  • Enter Charges and check coding
  • Submit insurance claims
  • Clearinghouse processing
  • Address Rejections
  • Post Insurance payments
  • Call insurance companies about denials or incorrect claims
  • Submit Secondary & Tertiary claims
  • Submit all necessary Corrected/Replacement & Voiding claims
  • Deal with re-processings, recoupments and refunds
  • Post patient payments of Copays, Coins & Deductible and keep accurate patient accounts and balances
  • Mail professional and accurate patient statements, including our toll-free number for them to call us with any questions about their bill.
  • Email “Make a Payment” button for online patient payments
  • Administer (optional) Patient Portal
  • Assist with Reporting for provider tax purposes

Specialists in Cloud-based Medical Claims Processing

Our staff of specialists have proven knowledge in the claims paying process from the time a service is rendered by a health care provider until the balance is paid, with demonstrable skills in ICD, CPT and HCPCS Coding, medical terminology, insurance claims and billing, appeals and denials, fraud and abuse, HIPAA, OIG compliance, information and web technology, reimbursement, and much more.