Key Features

Our team of medical billing experts take care of all the functions involved in the billing process.  As a result, our providers can simply use their free login to Kareo to monitor any financial aspect of their practice and take advantage of the many great free features there: 

Practice Management

Kareo helps you save time and enjoy greater convenience by simplifying all of the daily essential tasks of your medical office.  For example, you can store patient records, schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, print or send Superbills & encounter forms, track tasks, scan documents, print reports, and more.  All from an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard!

Tebra’s Full featured Electronic Health Records system features top-ranked security, accessibility, and reliablity!  Cost-effective when you sign-up with MediBill; Telehealth and other add-on modules (at addt’l cost) help provide seamless and efficient daily operations.

Appointment Reminders

With our system, you can automatically send out email or text  appointment reminders to your patients at select intervals, such as a week ahead.    Additionally, you can send your patients another reminder on the day of their appointment with you.  As a result, this greatly reduces missed appointments and late cancellations!

Online Scheduler

Our online Scheduler lets you easily make appointments, re-arrange your appointments, and see your coworkers’ schedules.  For instance, color-coded appointment reasons tell you at a glance what your day and week look like so you can better manage your time.

Reduce missed appointments with text or email reminders.

Mobile app for Entry & Scheduling

See if your next client has arrived with a glance at your iPhone. 

Use your iPad to see your schedule, make clinical notes, create charges and superbills, and even schedule appointments!

Faxes and digital- We handle them both!

Fax us your information the “old-fashioned” way by utilizing your “kFax” number that comes free with our service.  You get a secure and dedicated fax number for you to send all of your info – you don’t even need a Fax Cover page because we’ll know it’s from you – and we can split the pages, attach them to patients’ records, etc.  So once you’ve sent information to us, you can rest assured it is permanently stored in our files.

Professional, Accurate and Timely Patient Statements

Let’s face it, more and more of your reimbursement is your patient’s responsibility.  We mail out professional, “clinic-style” statements (with your “Remit To:” address on them) that includes our toll-free number for your patients to call with any questions about their bill.

Integrated Credit Card Processing & Online Patient Payments

Accept your patients’ payments for copays, coinsurance and deductibles the easy way!  We can email links that enable them to pay you with just a few clicks right from their computer or mobile device.   Your patients also have the option to login to your Kareo “Patient Portal” anytime and see their latest bill. With just a few clicks, our system enables you to collect patient payments using their credit card, bank card, or Health Savings Account debit card.

Integrate with Many Third-party Applications

Love PracticeFusion?  No problem!  Easily integrate with our solution by creating a “Kareo Bill” inside PracticeFusion. 


    Charge Entry

    Kareo’s web-based interface allows easy charge entry and tracking.  No more missed charges! 

    Patient Portal

    Nowadays, patients demand the latest technological conveniences, so MediBill is right at the fore!  For instance, your patients can see and pay bills, send you a secure message, and more!

    Financial Dashboard & Comprehensive Reports

    A glance at your dashboard and you’re up-to-date on the financial state of your practice.  For a more detailed look, you can easily run real-time Reports on hundreds of metrics combinations.  This information helps you make informed decisions, because you’ll know the true state of your receivables, denial trends, payer-matrix percentages, patient account balances- everything needed to get a true picture of your practice’s financial status and trajectory.  Also, getting fast clearinghouse feedback helps the entire billing process along: claim rejections or denials are more quickly identified, enabling problem claims to get addressed and paid faster.

    Secure Documents Folder

    (for Easy Electronic Medical Records storage)

    Included in our service is a Secure Documents Folder as part of Kareo.  Upload records directly from your computer, scanner, or through your own exclusive and dedicated fax number.  Along with this convenience, this easy EMR solution is free to our clients.  

    Kareo’s secure documents folder and file labeling, associating and storing capabilities makes it an excellent EMR solution for any practice that does not require e-prescribing or dealing with outside labs.  As a result, this allows you to place any type of file that needs to be part of a patient’s record at easy reach – while remaining secure and up-to-date.

    Certified and top-rated EHR system available!

    Kareo’s Practice Management solution has its own Electronic Medical Records capability, but if you need Electronic Health Records, Kareo not only integrates seemlessly with many leading sites, including PracticeFusion, Care360 EHR, WebPT, and many more, but it now has its own easy-to-use E.H.R system!  Click here to learn more!

    Solving Medical Claims Billing Problems

    Our team of medical billing experts take the heavy burden of insurance processing and replaces it with improved cash flow.  We have a proven track record of increasing client reimbursements by working on claims until they have been paid or resolved. 

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