What We Do

Your Complete, Cloud-based Revenue Cycle & Practice Management Solution

Expert Medical Claims Billing Service Since 2001

MediBill has been solving the medical claims billing problems for healthcare professionals for over almost two decades!  From assistance in starting a new practice to taking over well-established clinics’ reimbursements, MediBill has a proven-track record of successfully getting our clients properly and correctly paid. 

Our system is based on the Kareo platform and we are proud to be a Kareo “Premier Partner”  As a “billing center”, we have a special (transaction-based) pricing arrangement with Kareo that allows us to utilize their system for the benefit of our clients at a fraction of the cost of their regular subscription rate.  Thousands of other billing companies use Kareo, and billing centers like ours make up the vast majority of Kareo’s overall business. 

Kareo recognizes that having a top-tier system does nothing for providers that don’t know how to use it or understand all the complexities involved in properly billing medical claims to insurance companies and government payers, and so they have structured their business model to primarily support independent billing companies like MediBill.  We are proud of our status of being a “Kareo Premier Partner,” which was earned “in the trenches” with Kareo as it has evolved over the years.

Kareo is designed for the small-to-medium sized independent practice, and its strategic value is how it enables individual providers and small practices to have all the tools and capabilities of the larger enterprise platforms, but at a fraction of the cost, and with an award-winning and intuitive interface.  Using MediBill, our clients have all the features and benefits of Kareo’s Practice Management at their complete disposal at no additional charge!