Kareo Billers: RegiMate is designed for you!

Instead of hard-to-read scribble on a lousy fax, have your new patients enter their own information and have it automatically “inserted” into Kareo!

Kareo API

Utilizing Kareo’s API, RegiMate is a secure online (SSL) form that enables new patients or clients to type-in their name (as they spell it), and their DOB, address, phone number(s), emergency contact info, Responsible Party (Guarantor) information, insurance information and a couple other key fields, and this data is automatically populated into the appropriate fields in Kareo!

The only “required” fields are those needed to bill claims and/or send statements. The PATIENT form also asks if it is:

Okay to Text Appointment Reminders?

Okay to Email statement or other reminders? and Are they interested in Telehealth services?

Streamline Intakes

This method greatly streamlines the Intake process and avoids data-entry errors by eliminating the paper-based clipboard and fax or scan approach.  A person typing in his or her own name is much more likely to spell it correctly than a biller doing data entry by looking at a Document and interpreting handwriting.  Further, gently “forcing” the new patient or client to enter their date-of-birth and Gender and a few other key fields helps enormously as these questions are often “skipped” on a paper-based intake forms but are nonetheless essential to have in order to bill.

Auto Populates Fields in Kareo

Upon Submission, the basic Patient Demographic information is instantly populated on the specific practice in a new patient record. The patient record that is created still requires some minor editing/configuring, but it nonetheless dramatically reduces the amount of errors experienced due to poor handwriting, bad faxes, incomplete entries, or simple data-entry mistakes. 

Configure Insurance Case

The application intentionally avoids using the API to interface with the specific practice’s insurance companies and plans: much too confusing for the patient to “pick” the correct insurance plan- RegiMate simply asks them to type in the name of their insurance company, their Insurance ID and Group number (and any Secondary insurance, if any,) and this information is delivered to the ALERT SECTION of the new Patient’s record on Kareo- (where it is TYPED, and so is easy to read,) and the Biller can use this information to select the appropriate Insurance and establish the correct Case, just as they would normally do anyway, but now, 90% of the basic data-keying is done for them and all they really have to do is configure the Case.

Automatically Checks for Duplicate Record

Our application immediately queries Kareo and if a patient already exists with the same first name, last name and DOB, the registration will not take place and no new record will be created.  And importantly, if a new patient record has to be deleted, our super-clean data transmission allows the patient record to be completely removed from the system as long as no Notes, Appointments or other transactions have been entered.  All the Biller would have to do to Delete this patient is open the record, Remove the Default case (which is “empty’), then Save.  Now the record can be highlighted on the Patient List and Delete will work.  *Just remember to not put ANY Notes in the record.

Utilizes ALERT Area

The Alert is an area that is Cut/Copy/Paste enabled, and Alerts do not affect whether a record can be deleted or not.  RegiMate places key information from the online Intake into the Alert area, such as Insurance ID, where it can be easily “copied” to the Biller’s clipboard and entered as needed on the Default Case, or on payer portals to check eligibility, etc.  And then anything no longer needed in the Alert area can be copied and pasted to the Notes area if desired and the Alert can removed/edited as needed.  (The new patient’s “answers” to ‘Okay to Text’ and ‘Interested in Telehealth’ are placed in the Alert area and can be removed or kept as needed.)

Data is Transmitted and then Gone

No patient information whatsoever is “saved” by RegiMate; the encrypted data is instantly transferred to Kareo upon submission and no data is ever written to our server.  Besides utilizing SSL, our program is hosted on a secure VULTR Web Server and Google’s “reCAPTCHA”(version 3) bot detection is hard-coded into the process.  (No Captcha entries or other “I am not a Robot” input is required by anyone filling-out the form- it is incorporated right in the code!  Users will see the “reCaptcha” emblem in the bottom-right corner of the page.)

Send A Link

RegiMate is accessible through a simple link specifically configured to a unique practice on the Kareo platform.  Simply send this link to your prospects via email or text, or put the link right on your practice’s website!  The name of your Practice is displayed across the top of the first page of the form, so your prospects know exactly who they are registering with.

In this modern age, most patients expect the latest technology and are quite comfortable using their mobile device to make purchases, check balances and conduct other important business right from their phones- now your practice can give them an easy, seamless and “high-tech” way to “Get Onboard” with you!

Biller is Notified of New Patient Record

With RegiMate, your Biller is automatically notified that a new record was created in specific practice and so it can be opened and configured to be ready to send claims.

Easy and Inexpensive

When you look at the savings in staff data-entry time (and the accuracies gained,) and compare it to other approaches, the value and ease-of-use of RegiMate is readily apparent. Each new record only costs $.59/ea (with a 10 record monthly minimum per practice, (i.e. $5.90/mo minimum per practice); transactions are tallied and charged once per month automatically to your credit card.)  RegiMate can be implemented in minutes: Find your Kareo ID and the Customer key for your practice; fill-out the form; check the easy steps to configure a “User” in Kareo to integrate with the API.  We will immediately setup your practice(s) to start using the online Registration form, send a Test record up, and send you your exact “custom link” to your new online form, which you can immediately “publish” and/or start emailing or texting out to prospects!  Contact Greg with any questions, but it is this easy! (651) 829-2960, greg@ medibillpros.com

No contract, cancel anytime.

How to Configure Kareo for RegiMate – Click Here


Get Started Now- Click Here!

Examples on Sending Links

We have a demo practice on Kareo called “ZACME”- and the link below works for it.  Once you sign-up with RegiMate you will be given your own specific link.


Hello, and thank you for your interest in registering with (Practice name) ZACME!

Please click on this link to be taken to our secure online Registration form:



Send the link via email:

Simply copy and paste the info above and send your prospective patient or client a standard email.

Send (Forward) a Text from your mobile phone to your prospects mobile phone.

Simply create a text yourself, add /edit your logo, add copy, etc…just be sure to enter the link exactly…then forward this text to your new prospect’s mobile number.

Sending a Text to a Mobile phone from a PC


 Here is a free service to send a Text to a mobile phone from your PC; after entering your prospect’s mobile number, simply copy the link info and paste it into the Message area.

 Copy the Link to Your Website

Use your website editor and this HTML code to create a link to your practice’s form:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<a href=”https://regimate.online/patient/Kareo_5842_29″>New Patient-Client Registration Form</a>