An easy, inexpensive way to digitally register new patients and automatically send their info to your practice on Kareo!

RegiMate© is designed for Kareo users

RegiMate© is an ultra-streamlined tool that enables your new patients to enter their own information and automatically inserts it into your Kareo practice management!  Since it cuts down on user error and valuable data entry time, RegiMate© curbs the day-to-day deluge of information thrown at your practice and streamlines your office management.

RegiMate© is a modern client intake form that’s accessible from a patient’s device.  It utilizes Kareo’s API, providing a clean and secure interface to create new patients in Kareo.  Simply send your new  client your practice’s unique link to the secure online registration form (featuring your practice’s name across the top!) and the patient can enter their own demographic and insurance information from their device.  Your new patient’s information streamlines right into a new patient record in Kareo, in the correct practice, auto-populating standard fields and requiring only a Default Case setting change by your biller.  It’s super fast and streamlined, and it cuts down on user error because your patient is the one entering their own information.  The app is HIPAA-compliant and secure too! It utilizes Kareo’s powerful API, SSL and Google reCAPTCHA v3, and no data is saved on our server – it is instantly transmitted into the specific practice on Kareo.

The app streamlines your billing office’s work, too.  Important data fields such as a patient’s name, gender, DOB, are entered by the patient directly into the practice management system, cutting down on data entry errors and, most importantly, claim denials!  Convenient features like online appointment reminders and payment links which require a patient’s email and phone number will work more reliably with accurate data, ensuring you can always reach your customers.  Demographic information coming directly from the patient dramatically increases accuracy, which means your practice will deal with far less claim denials! 

We at MediBill spent almost 10 years of our experience dealing with frustrating claim denials caused by incorrect patient demographic information.  We finally developed this fantastic efficiency tool for our own client practices to use, and now, many of them are taking advantage of it on a daily basis with great success! The best part? Any Kareo user could capitalize on this simple API tool!

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